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Final Assignment for Micro-Embedded Classes Odd 2015/2016 (SK-37-02 & SK-37-04)

On Micro-Embedded Class, it will be given final assigment in order to improve knowledge and skill in designing embedded system based on ARM Processor/Controller. It also will replace the final examination (UAS) in the end.  Therefore, all of you have to divide class into group @3 person and every group needs to build the embedded system as follows:

  1. Design the minimum system based on ARM Microcontroller STM32F103RET6 or equal to as given below (you can use Altium designer, proteus, etc)
  2. Minimum SystemDesign the simple Input-Output system (LED, LCD, Push Button, Keypad, and any sensors can be used)
  3. Make the simple system by using 1-2 above. It means you should make sure that the minimum system work properly, then making the program according to the microcontroller (Keil MDK or Eclipse or etc)
  4. Make the report and demonstration!

For downloading the program to the microcontroller, you need to use downloader. All of you don’t need to make it but you can buy it and every group in class can use alternately.

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